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Excel 2010 For Dummies, Basics and Advanced

14 Chapters         155 Videos
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  • Table of Contents
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  • Excel 2010 For Dummies Basics and Advanced
    Excel 2010 For Dummies Basics and Advanced
  • Creating Basic Worksheets
    Seeing How Worksheets Work
    Typing and Editing Cell Content
    Changing the Worksheet Structure
    Working with Excel Workbooks
    Lesson Summary
  • Creating Formulas and Functions
    Using Formulas for Calculation
    Figuring Out Functions
    Lesson Summary
  • Applying Worksheet Formatting
    Adjusting Rows and Columns
    Formatting Cells
    Formatting Cell Contents
    Formatting an Entire Worksheet
    Lesson Summary
  • Creating and Formatting Charts
    Creating a Basic Chart
    Changing a Chart
    Adding and Positioning Chart Elements
    Formatting a Chart
    Creating and Formatting Charts Summary
  • Presenting Data Clearly
    Working with Advanced Number Formatting
    Taking Advantage of Conditional Formatting
    Customizing Themes and Table Styles
    Creating Advanced Charts
    Presenting Data Clearly
  • Exploring financial Functions
    Exploring financial Functions
    Using Common Financial Functions
    Analyzing Financial Data
    Creating Scenarios
    Exploring Financial Functions
  • Working with Math, Statistical, and Text Functions
    Mastering Math and Trig Functions
    Mastering Statistical Functions
    Managing Data with Text Functions
    Working with Math, Statistical, and Text Functions
  • Storing and Managing Databases
    Introducing Databases
    Working with Tables in Excel
    Merging and Splitting Data
    Storing and Managing Databases
  • Working with PivotTables and PivotCharts
    Creating a PivotTable
    Sorting and Filtering PivotTable Data
    Creating a PivotChart
    Creating a PivotChart Summary
  • Correcting, Protecting, and Sharing Data
    Correcting, Protecting, and Sharing Data
    Finding and Fixing Errors in Formulas
    Validating Data
    Protecting Ranges
    Securing Workbooks
    Tracking Changes in a Shared Workbook
    Correcting, Protecting, and Sharing Data
  • Course Assessment
    Course Assessment
  • Creating an Excel worksheet and entering cell content
  • Understanding workbooks
  • Adjusting rows and columns and formatting cells
  • Using formulas and functions such as square roots, sines, cosines, and tangents
  • Using advanced formatting techniques to make your Excel data accessible
  • Tackling common financial chores such as calculating loan payments and interest
  • Applying Excel's tools for sophisticated data analysis
  • Creating and formatting PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Correcting, protecting, and sharing the data in your workbooks
  • Tips and tricks to make you more productive


In this complete Basics-to-Advanced course, you'll learn it all: the basics of creating Excel spreadsheets, creating and using formulas and functions, and formatting worksheets, discovering how worksheets work, how to add and edit content, what formulas and functions do, and how to format your spreadsheet to best demonstrate your data. Moving at your own pace, you'll go on to create and format several types of Excel charts, present data clearly, store and manage data in tables and lists, work with PivotTables and PivotCharts, and correct, protect, and share your workbook data.

In each of the 11 lessons, you'll find clear, expert instruction, interactive quizzes, hands-on activities, summaries, and a way to review topics so you CAD progress at your own pace.