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General Site Questions


What does a Dummies eCourse include?

All Dummies eCourses come from experts in their related fields. Some courses contain interactive study tools such as graphics, video, practice and quiz questions, and hands-on exercises.

You may also find supplemental resources and an end-of-the-course assessment. Please check our course description pages for the specific content of each course.


How is a Dummies eCourse different from a book?

Dummies eCourses, like Dummies books, are smart and accessible. Each course contains all the content that a book has and more! In addition, you get engaging study tools that provide multiple ways to access information, including video, guided learning, and interactive exercises and quizzes. These tools help you learn about a subject or how to do something; then you can check your understanding with course assessments and reports.


Dummies eCourses also add a social aspect with a course stream for sharing ideas,

questions, and comments. And you are rewarded for your course achievements with online badges.


How do I know if I'm ready to take an eCourse, or if I'm fully prepared?

On the home page, select the course that interests you to see the Course Details page.

Here, you find a brief description of the course and the prerequisites, if any.


I found a possible error with the website. Is there a way I can report it?

Please use our online customer support request to report a problem with the website. Tip: Please be sure to have information such as the course, the specific content reference and

the URL handy to help us identify and resolve the problem.


Can I make suggestions for future content or share my ideas and thoughts on Dummies eCourses?

Sure! We are always eager to hear from you. Please let us know your suggestions for content or enhancements with as much detail as possible via our online customer support request form.


Assessment Products Questions
1,001 Practice Questions eCourses


How do I access the test questions?

Click Start Practice on the dashboard, or click the list icon on the navigation bar and select Start Practice. You can then create your own quiz (where you select the topics) or take an adaptive practice quiz (where questions are selected based on your strong and weak areas of study) from the test bank of 1,001 questions.

  1. To take an adaptive practice quiz, click the Adaptive Practice Quiz box and then click Start Quiz. You’ll receive a set of ten questions based on where you need the most practice.
  2. Click the Create Your Own Quiz box to create a customized question set that meets your study needs. You can choose the testing mode, difficulty level, question topics (learning objectives), and number of questions. You can also decide whether you want to take all new questions or revisit

    questions you’ve skipped, answered incorrectly, or marked for review.


When I’m taking a quiz, how do I return to a previous question?

If you’re taking a quiz in practice mode, you’ll see the correct answer to each question as soon as you submit your answer, so you can’t return to a previous question to change your response. However, after you finish your quiz, you’ll be taken to your Quiz Performance Summary, where you can see your score and revisit all the questions and answers in the quiz.

Test mode withholds all answers and explanations until you’ve finished the quiz. In test mode, you can return to questions you’ve already viewed (both answered and skipped) using the drop-down menu next to the quiz number. After you finish your quiz, you’ll be taken to your Quiz Performance Summary, where you can see your score and read the answers and explanations.

Note: If you want to skip a question, click Next without selecting an answer choice.


What does the Mark for Review feature do?

While taking a quiz or reviewing your results at the end, you can check the Mark for Review box to flag an individual question. Here’s how the flags work:

  1. If you’re taking a quiz in test mode, the flags show up in the drop-down menu you use to navigate questions. You can mark questions that you want to return to before submitting your quiz for scoring.
  2. After finishing a quiz, you can sort your results to review only marked questions.
  3. You can create quizzes using only questions you’ve marked.


If I don’t have time to finish, how do I exit a quiz? How can I resume the quiz later?

You can click the red X button to stop your quiz. You’ll have the option to quit and see your score or to suspend the quiz and continue it later. If you suspend your quiz, you’ll return to the course dashboard.

You can resume a suspended quiz at any time by selecting it from the Course Performance Summary. To access the summary, click the list icon on the navigation bar and select Quiz Performance Reports,

or click the Questions Attempted circle graph on the dashboard.


I just got my quiz results. How can I see my overall course performance? And how do I take another quiz?

After you finish a quiz, you’ll be taken to your Quiz Performance Summary, where you can see your score and check the answers and explanations. To see your overall course performance, click the list icon on the navigation bar and select Quiz Performance Report. Or instead, click the home icon to return to the dashboard and click the Questions Attempted circle graph.

To take another quiz, click the list icon on the navigation bar and select Start Practice. Or you can click

the home icon to return to the dashboard and click the Start Practice button.


What can I find in my performance summaries?

The Course Performance Summary displays the results of all your quizzes in graph form. If you click a quiz in the bar graph or select a quiz from the drop-down menu, you’ll either

  1. See a Quiz Performance Summary, which graphs your results from a single quiz
  2. Resume taking the quiz if you didn’t finish the quiz and chose to suspend it

On the summary pages, you can use drop-down menus to sort your results by quiz number, view only incorrectly answered or marked questions, or sort questions by topic (learning objective). You can also click individual questions to revisit the questions and answers, make personal notes, and start in-quiz discussions with other subscribers using the Course Stream feature. To return to the summary graph view, click the graph icon near the top of the screen.

You’ll see a Quiz Performance Summary immediately after taking a quiz. You can also access both quiz and course performance summaries by clicking the Questions Attempted graph on the dashboard or by clicking the list icon on the navigation bar and selecting Quiz Performance Reports.


How can I start an in-quiz discussion or leave myself a note about a practice question?

When the answer to a practice question is revealed, a Stream tab appears next to the Performance tab. To start an in-quiz discussion or leave a personal note, click the Stream tab and then click the New button. Here are your options for discussions and notes:

  1. In-quiz discussion: When you start an in-quiz discussion, you post a comment on the Course Stream discussion board. The comment includes a link to the test question, so other users can view the question and reply to your comments.
  2. Personal note: Your personal notes are visible only by you. You can view them by

    clicking the Stream tab.


What does the Skill Report show me?

The Skill Report is based on the course’s learning objectives, or topics. This report helps you identify your strong and weak areas of study. For additional practice in a particular area, let your pointer hover over the Performance column and click the Practice button that appears; you’ll be taken to the Create Your Quiz page with your learning objective already selected.

You can access the Skill Report by clicking the Percentile Rank graph on the dashboard or by clicking

the list icon on the navigation bar and selecting Skill Report.


How can I interact with other people taking the course?

Use the Course Stream discussion board to start or join a general discussion, comment on specific quiz questions, and share files and links with other subscribers. You can access the Course Stream from the dashboard or by clicking the list icon on the navigation bar and selecting Course Stream.


Account / Sign-In Questions


How can I access my Dummies eCourse?

You can access your Dummies eCourse account wherever you have good Internet connection and a supported browser. On the home page, sign in with your email address

and password. The Sign In screen contains a link to click if you forget your password.


How do I change information in my account (e-mail address, password, or name)?

After you sign in, go to your Profile Page to modify your user name, email, and password.


I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Go to the Reset Password page, enter your email address, and click Submit. You'll then receive an email message with a link to reset your password.


I can't sign in. What should I do?

Start by checking that you're signing in with the email address you used to sign up and create your account. If you have multiple email accounts, check the inbox for each of them and look for the confirmation email you received when you signed up for your eCourse. The inbox where you find the confirmation email is the email address you need to use when you sign in.


If you are using the correct email address and know your correct password, then something else is causing the problem. So that we can help you find a solution, please go to the support options page and contact us with the method you prefer from those listed.


What are cookies and when does the Dummies eCourse website use them?

Cookies are small files sent to your web browser by some of the websites you visit to help those visits be more efficient. When you return to a website that has sent your browser a cookie, your browser uses the cookie to identify you and your preferences, and streamline website access.


Dummies eCourse cookies are temporarily written to your computer's memory (RAM) and are saved to your hard drive only if you tell your browser to remember your email address and password on the Sign In page.


While cookies allow for simpler access to Dummies eCourses, you may access our service

without them. If you desire, most browsers enable you to erase cookies from your computer hard drive, block all cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored.


How does the Dummies eLearning website use my personal contact information?

We use your personal contact information to inform you about updates to the service and to notify you of new products and services that we believe may be of interest to you. As part

of the sign-up process, you can opt out of receiving these offers and updates. If you want to unsubscribe to these offers and updates after you sign up, please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.


Subscription-Related Questions


How do I find the Dummies eCourses available for subscription?

The home page lists the current eCourse offerings. You can also use the search field at the top-center of the screen to look for courses by typing in specific keywords.


What comes with my subscription to a Dummies eCourse?

Subscribing to a course gives you unlimited access to the course for the specified duration.

Your course duration begins on the purchase date. Please review the Terms & Conditions of Use for more information about the eCourse duration.


Where can I find sales or specials on Dummies eCourses?

Promotional items, when available, are communicated on the home page or through email offers (if you've signed up to receive them).

Remember that you can try any course for free. To do so, on the home page or the course description page, click the Try It option.


How do I subscribe to a course?

Subscribing is easy; simply follow these steps:

  1. On the home page or in your search results, click the name of the eCourse to which you want to subscribe.
  2. On the eCourse description page that appears, click the Buy It button.
  3. Register (sign up) with the Dummies eCourse website or enter your email address and password if you've already signed up.
  4. When prompted, enter your credit card information.


After your payment is confirmed, the eCourse appears on your course dashboard, where you may access it an unlimited number of times during the subscription period.


Can I try the eCourse before I buy it?

Yes, absolutely! The Try It option lets you access part of the eCourse content so you can check out the lessons and features for yourself. Here's how to try out a course:

  1. Click the eCourse icon on the home page or from a list of search results.
  2. On the eCourse description page that appears, click the Try It button.
  3. Follow the prompts to register (sign up) with the Dummies eCourse website.

    Or, if you've already signed up, enter your email address and password to sign in.

  4. The eCourse will immediately appear on your dashboard.


How do I buy an eCourse after I've tried part of it?

On your course dashboard, click the Upgrade Now button. When prompted, enter your credit card information.

After your payment is confirmed, you have complete, unlimited access to the eCourse for the duration of the subscription period.


Can I purchase the eCourse in a currency other than U.S. dollars?

Yes. When you make a purchase, you can select a different currency from the drop-down menu. The price then appears in the currency you selected.


How do I use a coupon code?

When you make a purchase, you have the option of entering a coupon code. Simply click the

I Have a Coupon link and follow the onscreen instructions. If your coupon code is valid, the eCourse price will reflect the discount.


How do I redeem an access code?

On the home page, click the Already Have an Access Code link. When prompted, enter the

access code. After your access code is verified, follow the on-screen instructions to access your course. Please note that your access code is valid for only one course.


What is the difference between an access code and a coupon code?

An access code is usually found in a Dummies book product that gives you access to the eCourse for free. You may have also purchased the access code at an online retailer and are coming to the Dummies eLearning Center to redeem what you have already purchased.

A coupon code is a code that you received as part of our promotional emails. It gives you a discount off the eCourse price.


How do I get a receipt for my purchase?

When you make a purchase via credit card, we will send a payment confirmation to the

email address we have on record for you.Please print this confirmation email and retain it as a receipt for your purchase.


I have subscribed to multiple eCourses. How do I switch to work on a different one?

In the top bar of any page, click on the Switch Course link. A My Course page appears, where you can navigate to other eCourses to which you've subscribed.


When does my eCourse subscription end?

Your Dummies eCourse subscription will be available for the specified course duration (e.g. 6 Months) from the date of purchase. You will be notified a few days prior to expiration so that you have a chance to finish the eCourse. You will be receiving an email 7 days prior to

the course expiration. You will also be notified that your course is about to expire on the course dashboard.


What happens when my course subscription ends?

After your eCourse subscription expires, you can continue to access your account. Your

account will access to However you will not have access to all the content for the eCourse unless you renew your subscription.


Can I renew my course subscription?

Yes. After your course subscription has expired, you may renew it at any time by clicking the Renew Now button that you find on the course dashboard.


What is your refund policy?

While we hope that everyone is satisfied with Dummies eCourses, we understand that some people may not be. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for a course within 30 days of purchase if you are unsatisfied. After 30 days from purchase, we will offer you a credit to

another Dummies eCourse at the Dummies eLearning Center. Please contact our Customer Service and Support; using the contact us page.


Technical Considerations


What are the minimum hardware and software requirements?

Dummies eCourses are web-based courses.You can access a Dummies eCourse with any

computer that has an HTML5-capable web browser and a broadband Internet connection.See the next section to find out whether your browser supports HTML5.


What's a browser?

Web browsers are software applications that locate and display Web pages.


What web browsers work with Dummies eCourses?

The following browsers and browser versions support Dummies eCourses. You can download any of these browsers for free on either Windows or Mac computers.

Browser OS Browser Version Free Download Link
Firefox Mac and Windows 20.0.1, 21.0
Safari Mac and Windows 5.1.7, Mac Safari 6.0
Chrome Mac and Windows 26.0.1410.64 m, 27.0.1453.94 m
Internet Explorer Windows IE9, IE10


How do I know which browser version I'am using?

To find out which browser version you're using, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu bar that appears across the top of the browser window.
  2. On the Help menu, choose one of the following, depending on your browser: About Internet Explorer,

    About Google Chrome, About Safari, or About Mozilla Firefox.

  3. In the dialog box that appears, check the browser name and version.


A portion of my course is not loading. What do I do?

This usually happens for one of the following reasons:

You are not using the latest version of the Internet Browser. For best results, we do recommend using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

Occasionally, the page-loading process is interrupted or does not occur properly. Please click your browsers refresh button.


Customer Service and Support

Need assistance? The best way to resolve your support requests is to fill our online support form. You can also contact us by phone with your questions.


Online Support

Submit an e-mail request (in English) for customer support regarding questions you may have. All requests will be responded to within 24 hours.


Contact Us

Technical Support Agents are also available on the phone to answer your questions. You can contact us at:


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