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Praxis Core For Dummies

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Test your ability to:

  • Work with fractions and decimals
  • Solve algebraic equations
  • Recall and apply geometry concepts and formulas
  • Make sense of mathematic word problems
  • Interpret and analyze graphs and charts
  • Calculate the likelihood of an event
  • Extract information from reading passages
  • Define words as used in a given context
  • Identify grammar and punctuation errors
  • Write solid essays that persuade and inform


If you plan to enroll in a teaching program at college or get your teaching license, you must pass the Praxis Core exam. Test your knowledge of Praxis topics with Praxis Core For Dummies. Short quizzes help you review mathematics, reading, and writing topics, and five full-length practice tests allow you to build your confidence as test day approaches. Every practice question includes a detailed explanation about the correct answer to help you understand the concept behind the question so you can see where you might have gone wrong.