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Word 2010 For Dummies, Basics and Advanced

13 Chapters         214 Videos
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  • Table of Contents
  • Course Details
  • Introducing Office
    Introducing Office
  • Creating a Word Document
    Lesson Introduction
    Starting a New Word Document
    Setting Page Margins, Size, and Orientation
    Adding New Text
    Selecting Text
    Formatting Text
    Checking Spelling and Grammar
    Printing Your Work
    Lesson Summary
  • Applying Paragraph Formatting
    Lesson Introduction
    Formatting Paragraphs
    Creating Bulleted and Numbered Lists
    Lesson Summary
  • Inserting and Formatting Graphics
    Lesson Introduction
    Inserting Clip Art
    Inserting Photos from Files
    Managing Image Size and Placement
    Lesson Summary
  • Working with Styles and Templates
    Applying Styles
    Modifying and Creating Templates
    Working with Styles and Templates
  • Adjusting Advanced Typesetting Options
    Adjusting Text Scale and Spacing
    Enabling Kerning
    Creating Custom Superscript and Subscript Fonts
    Controlling OpenType Fonts Options
    Adjusting Advanced Typesetting Options
  • Creating and Formatting Tables
    Creating a Table
    Formatting a Table
    Creating and Formatting Tables
  • Advanced Graphics
    Modifying a Picture You have Placed
    Drawing Lines and Shapes
    Advanced Graphics
  • Working with Pages, Sections, and Columns
    Applying Page Formatting
    Using Headers and Footers
    Working with Multi-Section Documents
    Working with Pages, Sections, and Columns
  • Preparing Professional Reports
    Captioning and Organizing Figures
    Organizing Legal Documents
    Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
    Creating a Table of Contents
    Preparing Professional Reports
  • Managing Correspondence
    Creating and Printing Envelopes
    Performing a Mail Merge
    Managing Correspondence
  • Sharing Your Work with Others
    Tracking Document Changes
    Working with Document Comments
    Sharing Your Work with Others
  • Course Summary
    Course Summary
  • Course Assessment 1
    Course Assessment 1
  • Course Assessment 2
    Course Assessment 2
  • Starting a document and setting page size, margins, and orientation
  • Adding and formatting text and checking your spelling and grammar
  • Selecting text and moving, copying, or deleting it
  • Printing documents and envelopes and performing a mail merge
  • Formatting paragraphs and using styles and templates to enhance documents and save time
  • Creating bulleted or numbered lists and working with tables
  • Adding and editing photos and clip art
  • Supporting your document with footnotes, a table of contents, and indexes
  • Sharing work and tracking changes with multiple users
  • Tips and tricks to make you more productive


In this complete Basics-to-Advanced course, you'll learn it all: how to start, format, and save a Word document, add and edit text, dress up your documents with clip art and photos, and print your work. Then you'll advance to such skills as working with styles and templates, creating tables, applying page and section formatting, preparing professional reports and legal documents, performing mail merges, and sharing your work with others. The 12 interactive lessons take you step by step through the process, so you learn at your own pace.

In each lesson, you'll find clear, expert instruction, interactive quizzes, hands-on activities, summaries, and a way to review topics so you CAD progress at your own pace.